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if u wanna contact me...

when i'm online, u see a picture
taken from my webcam, for netscape users it is streamed !!

Online meeting:

ICQ # 10812364

Virtual Places

CuSee Me

Excite Pal

VDO Phone


Netscape Conference




...but most of the time u can find me @ the Columbus Chat

Outta cyberspace u can reach me :

@ the webdesign office , where i'm working

(If i'm online at work, click here to see a picture from my webcam)

Eduard-Bodem-Gasse 8
6020 Innsbruck/Austria
Phon: 0043 512 342934
Fax: 0043 512 342934-20

@ home

Christian Dallapozza
Ing.Etzel Str 43
6020 Innsbruck/Austria
Phone: 0043 512 566791


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